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Sustainable Living

Live More Sustainably

By changing some of your daily habits you can massively reduce your own Carbon Footprint. Check out our Sustainable tips for advice!

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Whether it's donating to charities, to support conservation projects or organizations like ourselves continue our work, donations can go a long way

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Demand Change

Write To Your Local MP

Unhappy with how waste is handled in your area? Angry about the pollution levels in your city? Write to your local MPs telling them how you feel. The more pressure they have from citizens, the more they will need to implement change. 

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Joing Our Team

Film For The Big Blue Blueprint

Are you a Videographer? Passionate about the environment? We would love to see your work and have your help spreading positive messaging about the Environmental Movement. 

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Join A Local Group

Joining a local environmental group can really help. There are groups such as; Surfers Against Sewage, Friends Of The Earth and many more. Research the areas that you are most interested in supporting. 

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Be The Change

Educate Others

The more people that are educated about global, climate and waste issues, the better. By educating all generations, we can have a positive impact on the planet. The Big Blue Blueprint creates educational resources and runs educational workshops. 

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Climate Action

Demand Change

Shell, Exxon Mobil, The Koch Brothers, BP and many many more still think it's okay to continue business as usual. There are plenty of sustainable energy methods, packaging alternatives and palm oil alternatives out there. Contact them and others telling them how you feel. 

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Get In Touch

Do You Have A Story Worth Sharing?

Do you work in sustainability, conservation or maybe you run an eco-friendly brand? If you have a story you would love to share with others, please get in contact.  

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Reduce Waste

Buy Eco-Friendly Products

Switching to zero-waste products is a gigantic help to the environment and the more of us who make these changes, the more we can influence others, corporates, and governments. 

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Reduce Waste


Lots of groups are fighting for a better world. You could join Extinction Rebellion or attend a Climate Change protest, do what you can as there is power in numbers. 

Keep an eye out online or on our website for upcoming events.  

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Joing Our Team

Write For The Big Blue Blueprint

Do you want to write about a topic you are passionate about? We would love to support and will help to share your work. Please contact us for more details. 

How You Can Help The Planet

There are tonnes of ways that you can help the planet as an individual. Here are some of our tips!