The UN IPCC's 2018 report has given the world a decade to save our planet from Global Warming. By keeping earths temperature to 1.5° we could prevent serious global disasters. Damage has already been done, but by earths temperature rising even half a degree over  1.5° there will be a severe increase in droughts, flooding, forest fires, poverty, and lost lives.  Dealing with this is going to be a ginormous challenge, but by working together, damages can be reduced. The Big Blue Blueprint shares stories, perspectives, and initiatives from across the planet, to educate people from all walks of life. We hope that by documenting and sharing positive changes, we can convince governments and corporate organisations to work harder to begin and continue to take action. There have already been fantastic changes and we want to work with you to make more positive steps to a cleaner, safer and habitable world. 

Our Story

The Big Blue Blueprint is an environmental platform that shares videos, tips, news, stories, and educational resources. The entertainment and information are provided to educate and raise awareness about climate change, waste issues, and other environmental topics. 


We create many of our own in-house videos’ and graphics to tell the stories of people who are fighting so hard for a better world. The content is created by volunteers, giving their time in the hope that our work will spark new ideas, solutions and will encourage governments and corporate organisations to begin and continue to take action. 

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The Big Blue Blueprint Visits The Grove School.
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The Big Blue Blueprint visited The Grove School in Milton Keynes, to run a school workshops for 5-7 year olds. We taught them about environmental issues, wildlife, climate change, and waste problems. The children showed how knowledgable and passionate they already are about the environment and they loved our natural art and crafts session! 

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The Big Blue Blueprint Meets Headlines.
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Love our logo? The fantastic Headlines creative agency supported us with our graphics. 

The Big Blue Blueprint And Student Hubs

A fantastic group of student consultants from Kingston University worked alongside The Big Blue Blueprint on the Student Hubs, Social Innovation Programme. The students recently presented their work at the Student Hubs Showcase event. They did a brilliant job and we can't thank them enough for their hard work and dedication, so a special thanks to Student Hubs, Harry Hodges, Merissa Lam, Mohammed Salman, Oriane Le Roy, Maryam Ali and Julie Mallet.

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